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Ground Level/Design Construction

Nation Ford Community Church, Charlotte, NC

New Purchase & Renovation 

School of Tyrannus Int. Ministries, Portsmouth, VA

Ground Level/Design Construction

Holy Bethel C.O.I.G.C.,  Buford, GA

New Purchase & Renovation 

Greater Dreams Church, Wayne, MI

Who We Are!

 Nitsua Inc., is a church financing Consultant Company that seeks to empower churches and ministries to achieve the kingdom visions that have been placed in the hearts of the leaders who have been charged to reach the body of Christ. Incorporated in 1987, the company embodies more than 20 years of professional experience accompanied by a list of satisfied clients. In 2004, the company’s territory was broadened, wherein it began Church Financial and Consulting Firm. 

Nitsua Inc. has service in  church finance for 17 years based in Atlanta, GA., by providing church loans including church bond loan, refinance, construction, renovation, land purchase, and new purchase.  We've specialized in Pre-underwriting our Financial Loan packages for of almost any  building churches.  What set us aside from the rest.  Nitsua Inc., is unique and a different  kind of church finance company "It's  Ministry First"  we are one of the most well-known and respected church financing companies in the industry.

Our main goal is to bring excellence, integrity and godly standards into the marketplace. Help churches, build their kingdom visions, each year we work closely with churches and staff leaders, to help them understand their financial position by spearheading Financial Empowerment Seminars to teach and educate church leaders. The "business" side- of- ministry. Which includes (Non-formal) workshops, counseling, and special loan programs.

Emmitt Austin shares leadership with his wife, Kathryn, who heads up the special events division of the company. The pillars of her strength lie in the areas of delivering elegance, precision to every event. 

Our Customer Service Team

Nitsua, guarantee you will recieve the best service in the business you can feel confident about relying on us to provide you with the right guidance for your finance decisions before you build or purchase land.

That's why we have made it our goal to provide you with top notch financial services, excellent guidance, and personalized customer service.

Our works across the country is to undergird. "The Visionary" to make their dreams become a Reality.