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Nitsua Inc., was excited and privileged to close a church using a Church Bond Loan in the middle of a pandemic crisis.  April 2020 in Wayne, MI.
 The congregation was overjoyed and blessed to purchase the building they were renting for over 10 years, the monies was used to expand and renovated. The loan helped them to  buy property for their future with major cost savings!  Although the church was close during the renovations, they were ecstatically happy and impressed with the outcome of their new sanctuary.

Church Bond Program: If your church requires a long term fixed rate with no balloon then this may just be the program for you.
Financing offers up to 25-year fixed interest rates with no balloons, we work with churches of all sizes. Quick and easy closing with some of the best terms in the industry 4.25% Fixed Rate Church Bond loan made easy to investments; the interest rate you earn on Church Bonds has nothing to do with the AMOUNT of money you invest! 

We offer interest-only payments during construction dollars are used to provide loans for the expansion, building. We can also provide a construction loan that automatically turns into a permanent loan upon completion growth of churches, while also earning interest for you.
• No personal guarantees
• High loan to values
Many of our church loan products offer up to 80% of the real estate value. We also have products that allow the church to borrow up to 90% using a first and second trust loan.

• Refinance : If you are looking to decrease the interest rate on your current loan or have a balloon note coming due, we can provide a quote in one business day. 

• Renovation: If you are looking for a loan to renovate or expand an existing building we can provide the loan. Together we will determine a projective budget that does not put your ministry in a financial strain. Let's get started!


 Church Bonds· New Construction · Purchase Property· Refinance· Renovation · Land Purchases.

Purchase Property

we will gather your request within one business day and provide a written offer. New Purchase: With loan to values up to 80% and combined loan to values up to 90%, our means is to keep the down payment required to a minimum. Church loan is designed for new property purchase for those planning to construct a new building in the short or long-term this is a real estate acquisition loan.

This program is fully fixed loans with amortizations ranging from 20 to 25 years.  And monthly payment fixed loans with amortizations ranging from 20 and  25 years –usually this type loan have a lower interest rate and monthly payment and are valuable types of church loan, quick and easy approval. No personal guarantees, fixed rate loans with no balloons.  We can take your ministry to the next level!