What The Pastors are Saying.

 The Visionary, Their Dreams!

“Elder Austin traveled to Portsmouth, VA.  Worked tirelessly in helping us secure funding for our new building project the building had been abandoned for years. God gave Elder Austin a vision. 
“God Told Me to Turn the Lights Back on At This Church". We thank God for Nitsua Inc. Church Funding!

Pastor Wash Carlton, Jr., 

School of Tyrannus Intl. Ministries, Portsmouth, VA

“Nitsua Inc. Church Funding is an incredible company! In the middle of the COVID pandemic crisis, they helped us get secured funding to current  purchase  property, and a renovation loan, which looked impossible. By using a Church Bond Loan. They stood with us every step of the way, securing a loan that was competitive with the terms we desired. We highly recommend Nitsua Inc. Team

Bishop Larry G. Mack, Jr. 

Greater Dreams Church, Wayne, MI


Church of the Living God LBLC

You're No. 1
We Appreciate All the Sacrifice.
Thanks for All Your Help preparing our financial package. I Highly Recommend Nitsua Inc. Church Financing team work with all ministries.
God Bless.

Bishop Shelby Hines, Jr., Peoria, IL

Lakewin Christian Center

Nitsua Inc. is a specialist in church financing. We honor your tireless efforts in assisting our church in pursuing  us with financing.  Thank you for helping us move forward with the vision God gave us. To refinance in expanding our building. As you navigate the challenge of securing financing.
Highly Recommended! 

Pastor Harry Riley, Riverdale, GA


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